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About Me

Hey there!

My name’s Dylan (he/him) and I’m a NYC based playwright. 

Am I a multi-hyphenated theatre artist? Yes. Is playwriting my favorite of the two – my sacred calling – what Steven Pressfield describes in The War of Art as my “soul seat?” A little heavy handed, but yes. I am a playwright! I’m very proud of it! I work my ass off every morning on it! No, seriously – I start (just about) every day off in my favorite coffee shop, click-clacking away on my laptop, working on my latest play. 


When it comes to plays, I gravitate towards pieces that are a.) about pressing issues b.) that are usually more taboo or risqué c.) framed in an experimental, or unique structure. My aspiration is to write plays that rock worlds like the ones that have rocked my world: How I Learned to Drive; By The Way, Meet Vera Stark; Venus in Fur; and Peerless, to name a few. 


Currently on my writing docket is Ichabod Crane, or “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.” I’ve been obsessed with the classic Irving story since my childhood, and in 2022 I started kicking around the idea of adapting it as a modern retelling for the stage. It has since snowballed into a piece about entitlement, grooming, and well-deserved comeuppance. I’m very proud of it, and I can’t wait to share it with you. In the meantime, if you find yourself in upstate New York, be wary of a certain headless specter… 


When I’m not writing, you can find me selling plays at the Drama Book Shop. Come chat with me if you’re ever looking for monologues, scenes, or even a good read! I find a great deal of fulfillment helping actors find material to help them succeed in auditions and acting classes.


Dylan Glick with director Lexie Greenberg, and assistant director Carter Reichard at the Fairleigh Dramatics premiere of "Finding the Moonlight Café" and "Housewarming."

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I promise I have a life outside of writing and acting. By no surprise, I’m an avid reader; I’m currently three books into my Shirley Jackson kick, which has been equally fun and spooky. I’m a huge theme park nerd, and am an armchair imagineer – a fancy way of saying that I like to play Roller Coaster Tycoon. I love spending time with my family as well; at the drop of a hat, I’ll rush to my hometown for a family game night, or to attend a concert with my Mom. 


So, yeah! That’s a little bit about me – I’ve attached a quiz below, so I hope you were paying attention (kidding).  If you have any other questions, want to read my work, or want to work together: let’s connect!


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full lengths


Nelson and O'Neil are two recent college grads who are struggling to break into the entertainment industry. Fortunately, O'Neil has a solution: self-producing his magnum opus, a film called Emilio, and casting Nelson as one of the leads. Nelson is totally onboard, until he finds out that Emilio has been rewritten, and is now...a porno. Nelson is apprehensive about losing his virginity on camera, until he meets his co-star, a seasoned porn star turned actor, who promises to take care of him throughout the process...

EMILIO was presented as a senior Honors Thesis on April 28th, 2021.



Mr. C is a teaching artist that bounces around across America from small town to small town. Katrina is a sixteen-year-old girl living in upstate New York with aspirations to go to Julliard. Mr. C wants to help her get there. But that might not be all that he wants. Pieced together from the character dynamics in Washington Irving's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, this play is about entitlement and well-deserved comeuppance.

This play is currently being written. If you bump into me in a coffee shop, chances are I'm working on this :) 

one acts


It's midnight at the first rest stop in Delaware, and Ashleigh is making a pit stop on her way to Florida. This is how she meets Tanya - a bold, confident waitress working behind the counter of a joint called "The Moonlight Café." 

Finding the Moonlight Café premiered at FDU's student ran theatre organization - Fairleigh Dramatics - from from November 29 - December 2, 2018. 


When Elliot and Michael became stepbrothers, they also became band-mates. Now that they're seniors in high school, Michael has begun to focus more on building up his acting resume. 

Elliot loves music. Michael loves Elliot. 
When Elliot guilts Michael into getting the band back together, both stepbrothers learn what they're willing to do for what they really want. 



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