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Hey there! My name’s Dylan, my pronouns are he/him, and I’m a NY/NJ based actor/playwright. I graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University in May of 2021, where I received my BA in Theatre Arts with a concentration in Musical Theatre.

Since then, I had the privilege of playing Dorothy Zbornak in both the national farewell tour and the Off-Broadway run of That Golden Girls Show! A Puppet Parody. Playing Dorothy has allowed me to discover my love of impressions; nowadays you can find me perfecting my Alexis, David, Moira, and Johnny Rose of Schitt’s Creek.


When I’m not onstage, I’m cooped up in a coffee shop working on my latest play. I’m currently zhuzhing up my college honors thesis – a play called Emilio about acting, intimacy, sex work, and boundaries.

No matter the genre, I think the most compelling thing about dramatic work is the emotional truth of the circumstances being presented. I find fulfillment in grounding my acting and writing in honesty. With that said – I’m also a total goofball, and I love to play and make people laugh. Let’s have fun working hard together!

Some of my favorite roles (in addition to Dorothy) include: Boss/Hank (Howdyland!), Rod (Avenue Q), Hanschen (Spring Awakening), Richard (Hay Fever), and Paul (The Theory of Relativity).

Follow me on TikTok at DylanGlickIsLiza for silly impressions and sketches! I hope to work with you soon! Supahstaaaah!

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Let's Talk Type!





What good is sitting alone in your room? This takes my devotion to hospitality and cranks it up to ten. It’s giving vaudevillian, over-the-top energy; the total crowd pleaser. Think Caesar Flickerman from The Hunger Games or Roger De Bris from The Producers.



In my everyday life, I am – much to my dismay and others’ hilarity – so clumsy, and I mean so well. I can very easily tap into the clown that doesn’t know he’s a clown, probably because I am one. Think Jacob from Abbott Elementary.

In addition to being a “silly goose,” I am what the kids call “a ball of anxiety.” Part of my type is found at the intersection of hospitality and neediness; the kind of person that apologizes to you after you punch them in the face. I have always been a goody-two-shoes, a people-pleaser, an overachiever, and occasionally a doormat. Think Darryl Whitefeather from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

You and me, pal, we’re the loonies. When I’m not onstage, chances are you can find me in the corner of my favorite coffee shop working on a play. While acting is a great love of mine, writing is my sacred calling. My devotion to writing is akin to a nun’s devotion to God; I treat the act of writing with reverence and love and show up for it just about every day. Half of my life is lived in the world that I am inventing; while I am not a martyr for my craft who shuts out friends and family, there are times where I want to play – just me and the muse. I am sensitive, inquisitive, and grateful with a thirst for discovery, faith in the mystical, and one hell of a work ethic. Think Gordo Schwinn from A New Brain.

This is, I believe, my core type. I am what the kids call a “silly goose” with a heart of gold that loves sharing groan-worthy dad jokes. Beneath this silly exterior, I care deeply about my friends and family, and always make sure that the people around me are feeling comfortable, safe, heard, and supported. Think George from My Best Friend’s Wedding; Arthur Weasley from Harry Potter; or the man, the myth, the legend: Ted Lasso.


This is going to sound like a math lesson; mix any of these types together and you get some other characters. The child of the
“C-3PO” and the “Tobias Fünke” is Dean Pelton from Community. The “Harold Zidler” and “Tobias Fünke” put together gives you Black Stache from Peter and the Starcatcher. The devotion of the “Ed Kleban” and the anxiety of “C-3PO” combine to make Bruce Banner from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Take the heart of the “Uncle Joey,” the accidental aloofness of “Ed Kleban,” and the meticulousness of “C-3PO” and you get David Rose from Schitt’s Creek. Mix all of the types together and you get Patrick from HBO’s Looking.

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